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I use an exterminator. Do I still need The Scorpion


Exterminators do an excellent job at reducing the food supply

for scorpions by killing insects in and around your home. But

scorpions are hearty critters with millions of years of evolution

on their side. It generally requires a direct hit with poison to take

out a scorpion, and since exterminators typically work by day

they don't stand much of a chance at hitting the scorpions hiding

out in your fences, around your plants, and in your palm trees.

The most effective way to locate and remove scorpions is to hunt for them when they are out looking for food, and that's at night.

We've found that 1 to 2 hours after sunset seems to be when scorpions are out in the open and easy to locate with the right


How many searches are needed to reduce the number of scorpions?

We recommend several nights within the first week to really put a dent in the number of active scorpions in your yard. It is also

beneficial to search a couple of times each evening as scorpions move quickly when they are out searching for food and water.

It's possible to sweep an area, then return within 15-20 minutes and find a scorpion that wasn't out on the first pass. It's this

pattern of foraging and hiding that brings about the need for repeated sweeps through the yard.

Once the population is drastically reduced, it may be possible to go 2 to 3 weeks without seeing another scorpion in a night

search. Due to scorpion's territorial nature, they tend to stay within a small range throughout their life. Gradually, though,

scorpions will return looking for food and water sources in your yard. The best deterrent is to remove the scorpions early in the

Summer season before they have  chance to breed and multiply.