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Do you have scorpions in your yard?

If you live in the Northwest Valley, chances are you've had

close encounters with scorpions. During the Spring and

Summer months scorpions are very active, and are a real

threat, especially to children and pets.

We're your neighbors, and we've run into our share of

scorpions also. In fact, that's what motivated us to start


Scorpions are primitive creatures that are motivated by

simple things -- mainly FOOD and WATER. Their primary

food source around homes is crickets.

Do you or your neighbors have pets?

Pet food attracts crickets. And where you have crickets you'll

also have scorpions. Scorpions are hunters that eat all kinds of insects, but crickets are plentiful and a real scorpion favorite!

Do you or your neighbors have a pool?  Or palm trees?

Pools are a perfect source of water and a huge attractor for scorpions. So are the lush vegetation and palm trees around the

pool. The Arizona Bark Scorpion, which is most plentiful in our area, likes to climb vertical surfaces and often nests inside the

shredded pulp of palm trees.

We remove scorpions from your yard!

First things first -- we are NOT exterminators. We do NOT use commercial chemicals or poisons to kill scorpions. Instead, we use

Ultra-Violet light at night (when scorpions are out searching for food and a mate) to locate, capture, and remove them from your


We have found through experience that the scorpion population in your yard can be greatly reduced in as little as one to two

weeks, especially if the removal is started early in the summer before they've had time to reproduce. Scorpions are territorial, so

it is possible to reduce your chance of a scorpion encounter during the active season (May-Sept) through repeated search-and-

removal sessions. And scorpion removal from your exterior yard may also reduce the likelyhood of scorpions entering your home.